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Installation and renovation

The craft of floor renovation and restoration requires products and tools that offer excellence. Our Bona System is a proven, easy-to-use, durable suite of solutions to bring out the beauty in floors.


Whether the floor's in a busy airport or in a private home; whether it just needs a good clean or a full renovation - we're ready to supply you with the solutions you need to get the job done!


Installing a wood floor requires not only skill, but also reliable products and sustainable tools.


The adhesive needs the right combination of strength and elasticity to ensure a firm foundation and the long-term successful performance of the floor.

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Impact Sound Reduction

Footsteps, the dropping of an object, moving of furniture and laundry dryers are all disturbing noises when living in a house or a flat.


With Bona’s underlayment U300 the impact sound is significantly reduced, and quality of life is greatly improved. The Bona U300 decouples the pathway and reduces the transmission of sound. It is also useful for light stress decoupling to improve a construction with weak substrates.


Whether it's coarse sanding, fine sanding, edge sanding, sanding for domestic floors, heavy-duty sanding for public areas, or dust-free sanding, Bona has the right solution for the job at hand.

Tried, tested and widely used by contractors and professionals around the world, the outstanding properties of our machines and abrasives have been verified in extensive tests. In other words, Bona's sanding sequences always deliver.

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