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Vinyl Flooring Trends

Vinyl flooring has stood the test of time. What was once viewed as a bare-bones cheap choice has innovated into a highly popular flooring option for many commercial and residential spaces. It’s resilient flooring at its best: durable, affordable and easy on the budget. When it comes to vinyl flooring trends in 2020, designers and manufacturers are pushing the limits on expectations of vinyl flooring. Here’s a look at what makes vinyl flooring so popular and the trends that make them irresistible. Outstanding performance No matter the floor type, people want floors that are tough and durable, easy to maintain and look great. To make sure floors can keep up with busy lives, manufacturers have been steadily increasing the performance factor of all floor types, but this is easily seen in vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can copy the looks of natural materials like wood and stone. Vinyl flooring designs can keep up with virtually any design style available. Most excitingly, vinyl can be 100% waterproof. This makes an already resilient material even better, ensuring that vinyl flooring can be installed practically anywhere. Tile, plank, or sheet? Vinyl flooring (AKA luxury vinyl nowadays) comes in three different forms: sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks. All forms have the same durability and beauty, but here are some things to consider when deciding which version is right for you.

  • Sheet vinyl. Comes in sheets of varying widths. Installing sheet vinyl gives floors the least number of seams leading to better water resistance. Because of these sheets, sheet vinyl can do large designs that plank and tile can’t. Installation time is shorter as well.

  • Luxury vinyl plank. Comes in planks like hardwood. LVP is a great option if you want copy the look natural hardwood floors. Because of the planks, repairs can be done by simply replacing the damaged planks.

  • Luxury vinyl tile. LVT is great when you want to mimic the look of natural stone and tile floors. Like vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile can be easily repaired.

2020 vinyl flooring trends When it comes 2020 vinyl flooring trends, the sky’s the limit. Anything that can be done or designed with other flooring options can be done with vinyl, usually at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking to upgrade your floors with vinyl flooring, consider these striking trends:

  • Going natural. Vinyl is known for expertly copying the look of wood and stone. But it doesn’t stop there. Textured vinyl flooring is a great option if you’re going for a distressed wood look. Going further, vinyl can achieve looks that natural materials can’t.

  • Light colors. Light colors have been continuing their popularity and 2020 will be no different. Expect to see more blondes, whitewashes, grays and more sporting a natural look.

  • Designs and patterns. Bold patterns like Chevron and Herringbone are simple to do with vinyl flooring. For those that want a tiled look, geometric shapes and even mosaics are great ways to make your floors stand out.

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