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Put a Spotlight on Beautiful Floors

With all the beautiful hard-surface flooring options available, it’s getting easier for homeowners to get a customised look and a beautiful floor. Although a striking floor speaks for itself, adding a few extra highlights and flourishes can really make a floor pop! Here are some quick tips & tricks to put a spotlight on beautiful floors.

Use accessories There are loads of different ways to add synergy between the items in your space and the colours in your floors. At a basic level, your furniture, picture frames and other everyday household items can be used to create a complementary or contrasting look. If you want to add more specific items, plants can be used to accentuate the natural colours on floors. You can also decorate with rugs, art pieces or antiques, specifically brought in to help enhance the character of your beautiful floors. Light it up Different lighting options can help create a specific mood or tone with the simple flick of a switch. A light's brightness will also have an impact on your floors. Brighter floor colours look good under white light, while darker colors look better with warm, coloured lighting. When thinking about lighting design, remember that there are three different types of lighting that can be layered in each room. Read about them below... Task Highlights an area/activity that you need brighter light (lamps of all kinds). Ambient Fills a room with background light (ceiling lamps, pendants or chandeliers). Accent Decorative lighting that highlights specific parts/pieces in room (picture lights, spotlights, or decorative lamps). Keep it clean If you’re not looking to revamp your room, any floor looks fantastic when it’s clean and properly maintained. Don’t let your floors lose their wow factor because of spills, stains and other cleaning issues. Use a good floor cleaner and spray mop for daily and weekly maintenance and add some polish when you want your floors to look extra shiny.

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