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Easy Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer is in full effect, so homeowners should be aware of summer-specific concerns to keep homes clean. As you enjoy some fun in the sun, make sure your homes are ready for you when you need to relax and recharge from your summer activities.

Summer cleaning concerns

  • Moisture and heat. High summer heat and moisture can make mildew a concern. Be sure bathrooms have enough ventilation and make sure clothes don’t sit in the washer for too long.

  • Air quality. Outdoor activities increase the chances of bringing in allergens like grass, dust and pollen. Make sure your HVAC system is ready for the season.

  • Increased foot traffic. If you love to entertain or if your kids have friends over at the house, remember that all floors and common areas have the increased potential for attracting dirt/stains. Keep rugs at entryways and take shoes off at the door to keep scratches and germs at bay.

  • Pests. Attend to spills quickly on countertops and floors so they don’t attract bugs. Make sure food waste is disposed of properly to avoid scavengers interested in your trash cans.

Summer cleaning checklist ✔️AC, vents and fans. Check filters, clear vents and dust fans to make sure your home is properly ventilated to keep things cool and comfortable. Change the direction of ceiling fan movement to counterclockwise to push down cool air. ✔️Floors. Reduce allergens, dirt and debris in your home with a regular floor care routine. Remember to dust/dry mop to avoid scratching your floor’s finish and use a microfiber mop and residue-free cleaning solution formulated for your floor’s surface. ✔️Bathrooms. Bathroom fans should be used to prevent mildew and cleaned regularly, twice a week if you have lots of guests in your home from playdates or summer gatherings. ✔️Closets and pantry. Store/donate clothes not being worn this season. Comb through your pantry to make sure all containers are securely closed and expired food is thrown to protect from pests like ants and moths. ✔️Kitchen. Cleaning kitchen countertops after cooking or eating is a must to avoid insects. Make sure kitchen trash bags/containers are emptied/maintained to avoid smells with the higher temperatures. ✔️Windows. With more sunlight to let in your home, make sure windows are clean and streak-free. Be sure to clean both sides of the windows as well as the screen. ✔️Patio. Clean outdoor furniture and make sure your patio/grill area is clean to prevent bringing in outdoor allergens. If you enjoy being barefoot, have a foot cleaning station ready to avoid dirty floors.

Bona has the tools and cleaning solutions you need to keep your home healthy and fresh. From mops, floor cleaners and surface cleaners, you can trust that Bona will get your home clean safely and effectively.

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