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All About Natural Oil Finishes

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In the world of wood floor finishes, urethane finishes are typically the most popular. Praised for their excellent durability and low maintenance routine, urethane finishes have been the most common finish used on floors for decades. Bona is the pioneer of water-based finishes that meet all US state and federal VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations for air quality standards. These durable finishes have no harmful fumes, so homeowners don't need to leave their homes when used. However, penetrating natural oil finishes are making a comeback in design trends. They're also extremely environmentally friendly and emit zero chemical emissions. Many people are returning to natural oil finishes because of their overall organic look and rich patina appearance, as well as their effect on wood. Differences between urethane and oil finishes When deciding which finish is 'better', it’s probably more useful to make your choice based on their characteristics and your needs. Both have their place on beautiful wood floors, so you'll want to consider the cost, look and maintenance that you're most comfortable with. Here are some facts about each finish:

  • Urethane finishes form a layer of protection on top of a floor’s wood surface.

  • Urethane finishes are extremely durable, and are easy to clean with a dry mop and wood floor cleaner.

  • The durability of a urethane finish can make it hard to do spot repairs. Eventually, as the urethane wear-layer breaks down, the entire floor will have to be refinished.

  • A natural oil finish penetrates the entire piece of wood, bonding with it on a molecular level. A natural oil finish penetrates deep into the wood floor in one coat, resulting in strengthened wear-resistance.

  • Oil-finished floors need a bit more maintenance with specialised soaps and refreshers to keep the look and protection that an oil finish initially provides.

  • Because an oil finish affects the actual wood, spot repairs on scratches and gouges are easier to do. If maintained properly, an oil-finished floor will never need to be stripped and refinished, whereas an urethane finish eventually will.

Designing with natural oil finishes Since a natural oil finish affects the wood directly, many people are choosing oil finishes for their aesthetic appeal.

  • Oil finishes can greatly enhance the natural look and color of a wood species.

  • Oil finishes have a matte finish, allowing for a subtle design element in your home.

  • Oil finishes can be used to give floors a warmer, more rustic look.

  • While oil finishes can bring out a wood’s natural color, they can also make it easy to create custom colors with a wide variety of colors.

Get more with Bona Craft Oil 2k Designing with natural oil finishes Bona Craft Oil is a penetrating oil that offers protection to wood floors form the inside out. Our Craft Oil is easy to use, cures fast, and gives a natural, organic look to hardwood. Learn why Bona Craft Oil is used by professionals to create beautiful floors.

  • Easy to blend and apply, with a rapid initial cure time--ready for light use in just 8 hours.

  • Penetrates deep into the wood in just a single coat.

  • 8 beautiful base colors to cover a range of styles and tastes.

  • Base colors can be blended to create customized blend colors or accent colors.

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